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napfinder development and support ceased in 2001.



Napfinder is a terrificly useful and easy-to-use program! Ok ok.. and after that? Napfinder helps napster users in trying to resume files, searching songs or find people in napster. Simply, it scans all napster servers listed in napigator and check for the presence of a specified user or song... How stupid (are you?), but because original napster servers are not linked together, when you download a file from someone, and this guy disconnect (as usual..) he will probably come back the next day at the same hour!!! You say not? And I say YES! But, as napster finds the best host for you everytime (and it's always different), it's rare to connect on the same server where your friend is connected... Since release 1.02.00 napfinder supports also multithreading for a faster scan, and now requires WGPL (al least 1.0.4). You can download WGPL from here. Now napfinder supports also title search, the best tool for finding your favourite tunes!



HEY!!! I've done this in MY spare time, without the help of anyone, alone.. in the dark (of the night). If you think you can do better email me!!! Any help is welcome! (ugly page for an ugly guy, NdPoing :)



Ok, as the original manpage in the package is in italian and I absolutely don't want to translate it at all, I wrote a small how-to:

  • Compiling napfinder

    napfinder now use automake/autoconf source tree, so simply try:


    and then


    If compile fails, sorry, but maybe your system doesn't support a SO small program. Report compiler's errors to the bug tracking system at the and wait (like poing who is waiting for his graphics...).

    Note: napfinder now support big-endian systems.

  • Installing/uninstalling napfinder

    Like every GNU program with support of automake, when the package is compiled and you have the privileges try:

    make install


    make uninstall

    Automake will install napfinder in /usr/local/bin. If you whant to change the prefix path, in configure line write: ./configure --prefix=/usr/ or similar.

  • Executing napfinder

    Ready for the apocalipse? Napfinder now supports parameter parsing... the main command line is:

    napfinder < -l login pass > [options] < -n nick || -s song >


    napfinder -O filename

    Strange??? NAAAAhh... remember: <> indicate a required switch, [] indicate an optional switch... || is the standard or parameter.. right? so the command line could be:

    napfinder -l login pass -n nick


    napfinder -l login pass -c -s song


    napfinder -l login pass -n nick -s song

    Magic!!! Isn't it?

  • Now... let's explain how and why napfinder works!!

    Multithreading is disactivated by default (So there is 1 thread active) because multiple loggings with the same nick on the same napster server will create problems, disconnecting the user and making an accurate search impossible, but this problem seems not to exist on opennap servers. In order to make a more accurate search napfinder logs all valid hosts recieved from napigator and saves them into ~/.napfinder_memory. This list will be called during the next scansion in case that some hosts scanned beforehand are not existing any more in napigator. The non valid hosts will obviously be removed. This process is fully user-transparent and is activated by default every time that napfinder downloads the hosts from napigator. Instead, if using the -f switch all hosts will be loaded from the log, and no hosts will be downloaded from napigator.

  • Options:

    • -l, --login < login > < password >

      This option is mandatory and determines what username and what password will be used to login the various servers.

    • -d, --debug

      Toggles the verbous debug mode on. All messages come with a *** debug: and are redirected to the standard error.

    • -n, --nick < nick >

      Searches for a nick on the servers in list.

    • -s, --search < song >

      Searches for a song on the servers in list.

    • -h, --help

      Do I really need to explain??!!

    • -t, --threads < number >

      Specifies the number of threads active at the same time. Default is 1 (No multithreading).

    • -o, --only < network >

      Searches only on servers that are part of the specified network. Eg. Napster

    • -x, --exclude < network >

      Searches on all servers that are not part of the specified network. Eg. Napster

    • -r, --remove

      If you are searching on linked servers it is useful to use this option, witch searches only one one server per network.

    • -f, --file < file >

      Instead of downloading the host list from napigator napfinder will read the input file. The file is a list of host:port network separated by a '\n' char (Yes.. it's the return key). If no port is specified, then default is port 8888. If no network is specified, then default is value "n/a".

    • -t, --trycreate

      If the login results invalid then napfinder tryes to create an account with all the info given with the -l option. Useful for the first searches.

    • -k, --nacheck

      Not accurate search. Pratically, not check if the user is on a specific host (active), but checks only if the user is logged on this network. Usefull for faster search on liked servers in conjunction with -r switch

    • -O, --outfile < file >

      Downloads the hostlist from napigator, merges the list with the current memory, saves the hostlist (compatible with -f switch) in the specified file and exits.

    Warning: If you're connected to napster with another client during the scan you'll be disconnected directly by the server, so, use it at your own risk. If possible, create a "scan" account!



Latest release is napfinder-1.03.00.tar.gz





Initial idea and code by wave++ (see the project page); the project now is totally unmaintained since late 2001. Consider taking over this and the WGPL project on SourceForge.

I have to thank Bastian (aka Bastan Bug), the greatest bug hunter never seen on this earth! WANT A BUG HUNTER? Contact him! (But warning, he asks 500$ per hour. Uhm, maybe now you'll ask for someone else) He finded about 5 bugs a day pratically in real-time =)). Who else can do this performance? NO ONE

This great (yes.. great, isn't it?) thing has been created with Amaya, a wisysCOFF.. haem.. editor.

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